Knovi is the Next Generation of the Law

The quest to streamline attorney-client communication is not a new one. In fact, it is one we’ve been grappling with for over three decades now. But one thing we know for sure: artificial intelligence has the power to revolutionize the legal industry as we know it. So...we built Knovi!


Knovi was born out of years of experience and frustrations in the legal industry. As your business grows, your time for managing your clients shrinks. We became determined to solve this daily problem by streamlining the attorney-client communication process. Knovi doesn't just help attorney's and their firms, it will revolutionize the way clients find legal representation in the first place!


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Download Knovi for Easy Attorney-Client Communication

Knovi is the answer for questions clients and their attorneys themselves didn’t know to ask yet. If you are seeking legal representation, simply download Knovi to your iPhone or Android and enter in your case details. Knovi will walk you through the rest. If you are an attorney, add Knovi to your website and watch your cases roll in from your phone, tablet, or computer with an easy-to-use CRM tool.


Built By Attorneys For Attorneys

While Knovi was founded in 2018, this app is over thirty years in the making. Founded by Joe Marrone, founding partner of Marrone Law Firm, and built in partnership with an award-winning app developer in Philadelphia, Knovi is a user-friendly solution for law firms, with the experience and power of artificial intelligence to back it up!